Will Pawan Follow Chiru’s Strategy?

filimnagar-pawanBefore and after Sardaar Gabbar Singh’s release, Power Star Pawan Kalyan stated in several interviews that he will quit acting after working on 2, 3 films more, before he jumps into full-time politics in 2018-19.

And one of those films, in SJ Surya’s direction, was launched yesterday. This is Pawan’s 22nd film, which means that he is short of four more films to reach the magical 25 films milestone. If Pawan stops acting with just 3 more films, fans will not get to see Pawan’s silver jubilee film anytime soon.

Now, diehard fans of Pawan would want him to complete at least the silver jubilee film before he hangs up his boots even though temporarily. They would surely force him to act in the 25th film. Will Pawan oblige fans’ request or will he pause with the 24th film and again act in the 25th film somewhere in the distant future, just like his brother Chiru has done.

Chiru acted in 149 films and quit acting to pursue politics. It took 8 long years for him to make his comeback to silver screen and commence his landmark 150th film today. Pawan fans are aware of this and they may not be as patient as Chiru’s fans were. All said and done, the ball is in Pawan’s court now.

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