Telangana DGP quick action to KTR tweet

filimnagar-ktrWith social media growing by leaps and bounds, all official subjects are up and open on various platforms, majorly Twitter and Facebook. Starting from PM Narendra Modi to Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, everyone are after Twitter to address people and their concerns. We have come across quite a lot of examples where an Auto wala to VIP celebrity tweeting straight to PM Modi over any issue.

With efficient usage, Telangana Minister for IT and Municipal Administration KTR takes the major share of credit in encouraging Twitter across various ministries, public organizations and government institutions of state. Here’s the latest entry onto the social media platform with quick replies and rapid actions for all the concerns raised– Telangana State Police unit @TelanganaDGP. This initiative by Telangana police unit is being praised by all quarters of state.

In a recent incident where a Hyderabadi asked minister KTR to take action against Manchal inspector for abusing ruthlessly and manhandling a national racer for organizing an event without permission. Quoting the same, minister KTR asked Telangana Police department on Twitter, “@TelanganaDGP Kindly look into this. Manhandling & abusing goes against our philosophy of friendly policing” which attracted an immediate action from DGP.

“A disciplinary action being inititated against Inspecter Manchal for high handedness. The incident happened due to adamant attitude of organizer who without permission and safety, security measures created panic situation in rural area of Manchal PS,” read a reply from Telangana DGP official page.


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