Why Salman Khan hasn’t bought his IPL team yet..

filimnagar- salmanEver wondered why Salman Khan doesn’t buy an IPL team? Even if you never have, you would be now…

Well, someone asked him why, and the reason is heart-warming:

“I don’t see myself fighting with Delhi, Pune or KKR. No doubt, it’s a wonderful way to promote sports, but I want to be there (pointing to the top). So, when it becomes Salman’s team versus Preity’s team or Shah Rukh’s team, it no longer remains a sporting thing, it gets into the area of gossip. Also, the `responsible press’ will take away focus  from the match, and I don’t want to give anybody that kind of mileage. I want to do something for the overall development of sports.”

Awww… Now, does this justify Salman’s post as the Goodwill Ambassador?

We are so proud of you, Salman!

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