‘Pawanism is an absolute stupidity’

filimnagar-thammareddySenior Telugu filmmaker Thammareddy Bharadwaja doesn’t mince words and he is known for speaking out what he has in mind, even though his words become controversial more than not. In his latest interview, he lashed out against fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and ridiculed the concept of Pawanism.Talking about the impact of Pawan Kalyan’s unparalleled craze in both political and film arenas, Thammareddy said that if the Jana Sena leader steps on the road to fight for any cause, there would be absolute mayhem and law & order situation would be compromised.

‘Pawan Kalyan commands a loyal army of about 5,000 ardent fans in every Assembly Constituency in the two Telugu states. They will be ready to make any sacrifice for their favorite hero. Pawan’s fans could go violent after getting inspired from their aggressive leader and even Pawan might not control them,’ Thammareddy added.

He cited the example of Pawan Kalyan’s Kakinada meeting, where the repeated pleas of the actor-turned-politician were ignored by his fans, who were hanging on trees and building edges to catch a glimpse of him.

‘The concept of Pawanism is an absolute stupidity. I don’t know how much good Pawan’s fans are doing for the society but their aggressive methods might cause irreparable damage to people if Pawan Kalyan doesn’t guide them in the right track,’ Thammareddy advised.

Pawan Kalyan’s fights might get hurt with the comments of the veteran filmmaker but his statements make sense to some extent.

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