Mafia Don Dawood On Death Bed

filimnagar-DawoodMost wanted criminal and Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim is on death bed now. Dawood is suffering from chronic disease Gangrene since some time and is said to be crippled due to it. Reportedly, doctors are suggesting to amputate both his legs to prevent the disease spreading and even that may not save him from death.

They are suggesting him to move to other countries from Pakistan for better treatment. He is being treated at Liyaqath national hospital and combined military hospital in Karachi. Dawood’s both legs were crippled and due to over bleeding, his red blood cell count has come to critically low level. High blood pressure and sugar too are making it tough for him to recover.

On the other hand, Pakistan army and ISI are not allowing Dawood to move to other countries for sophisticated treatment. They are not even allowing foreign doctors, as it may reveal Dawood’s hiding in Pakistan, which the country is officially denying from long.

Dawood is said to be attacked by Gangrene around three months back and is suffering from it since then.

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