‘King of Trolls’ Supports Trolled Actress

filimnagar-rgv-katrinaMaverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who has become ‘King of Trolls’ lately by targeting all the noted names including megastar Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Shah Rukh Khan etc. has surprisingly come in support of actress Katrina Kaif, who has been equivocally trolled on social media after she received ‘Smita Patil Memorial Award’ for her outstanding contribution to Hindi Film industry.For the starters, Smita Patil was an iconic and highly acclaimed actress of 80s. She won several awards including a National Film Award during her glorious career. After Katrina was announced the latest recip[ient opf the popular award, netizens started questioning the criteria under which Katrina, who is often targeted for her poor acting skills, was selected for the award.

Poor Katrina finally found support from Ram Gopal Varma, whose tweets go through like sharp arrows. Varma support Katrina and concluded that Katrina Kaif has achieved more than Smita Patil.

“For all the hue n cry people making on Katrina getting Smita Patil award, I think Smita Patil herself wud have felt honoured to be compared”.

Smita Patil came from an already built foundation of theatre and voice experience training so it’s no surprise she shined on the screen. Katrina came in with no voice, no acting, no dancing ability and then kept on shocking everybody with her ever continuous meteoric rise. Difference btwn Smita Patil and Katrina is trained mountain climber conquering Everest nd who can’t walk properly doing it.

My case rests, Smita Patil was from everything to everything but Katrina rose from Nothing to Everything which I think is a far far bigger achievement,” Varma tweeted.

Varma’s tweets have surprised many as he has the reputation of using only the language of criticism.

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