Directionless Mudragada!

filimnagar- mudragaddaWhat does the future hold for Kapu patriarch Mudragada Padmanabham? Despite his frequent fasts and regular agitations, he appears to be losing steam. Despite Congress background and despite tacit support of YSRCP, he is ploughing a lonely furrow. His agitation without the direct support of any party could gradually weaken him and make the Kapus move away from him.

Wily Chandrababu is doing everything he can to wean away the Kapus from Mudragada. He had set up Kapu Corporation and has been offering financial assistance. He is also moving closer to giving reservations, though it is not clear when the reservations actually come. More than this, Chandrababu is also luring Kapu leaders from the YSRCP. Jyothula Nehru’s re-entry into TDP would mean end of Mudragada’s influence in East Godavari district.

The only option before Mudragada now is to join the YSRCP, as he is already branded as a YSRCP sympathiser. This will give him a party backing, while the YSRCP will get a boost. If he demands reservations as a YSRCP leader, it could benefit both him and the party.

Mudragada is already facing allegations that he has taken the Kapu stir to the peaks and then dumped it. How he will handle these allegations and secure his political future in the days to come will decide the future of the Kapu stir.

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