We Didn’t Attack Puri

filimnagar-Puri-JagannathA couple of days ago, Tollywood was in for a huge shock when director Puri Jagannadh filed a police complaint against Abhishek Nama, Kali Sudheer and Mutyala Ramdas, the distributors of his last release Loafer, alleging that they manhandled him and even threatened his family members of he didn’t compensate the losses they had incurred after distributing Loafer.

The news spread like wildfire and the three distributors, who are shocked by Puri’s complaint, claimed innocence and responded to the allegations finally. Abhishek Nama of Abhishek Pictures who distributed Loafer in Nizam area said that he had filed a complaint with Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce over the losses 3 months ago as it is a general practice.

“I was not in touch with Puri for almost three months and have not even made any calls to him in these three months. He is always under high security and there are so many CCTV cameras installed in his house and office, which can prove our innocence,” said Abhishek.

Mutyala Ramdas said that he is good friends with Puri and that he is shocked by Puri’s complaint against him as he only distributed East Godavari which is a small territory. Ramdas further said that he is physically challenged and is in no position to attack anybody.

Kali Sudheer, who is in Mumbai over the last one week, too expressed his dismay at Puri’s complaint as he is in no way related to Loafer’s distribution. On the other hand, Loafer’s producer C Kalyan said that it is him who had incurred heavy losses with Loafer and that he will talk to Puri to sort out the matter.

Meanwhile, speculations are on the rise that Puri might have intentionally filed a false case since he has two films coming up, Rogue and Kalyan Ram’s film, so that Loafer’s losses will not affect his films.

As per Film Chamber’s rule, any director or actor who is paid more than 1 crore remuneration must return 20% of their pay to compensate the losses if their films flopped. The same was followed by VV Vinayak and Mahesh Babu during Akhil and Aagadu’s failures.

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