Dasari’s Satires On Pawan?

filimnagar- dasari narayanaraoVeteran actor, filmmaker and politician Dasari Narayana Rao who never shies away from making startling comments is back in news with his outspoken comments. Speaking at the trailer launch event of Srikanth’s controversial film Mental Police, Dasari made a few comments that seem as if he is taking a dig at Pawan’s Sardaar.

Dasari said that filmmakers these days are completely ignoring the importance of story but are splurging crores of rupees on making movies and even to promote them. “Crores of rupees are being spent on foreign songs, lavish sets and visual effects,” said Dasari.

Well, the only expensive film which was criticized for the lack of a strong story and also features lavish sets, foreign songs and was aggressively promoted recently was none other than Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s multicrore disaster Sardaar Gabbar Singh and no other big budget film has failed in the recent times.

Did Dasari take a dig at Pawan’s Sardaar or did he just make a random comment? Pawan is committed to doing a film under Dasari’s production and he even confirmed it during his recent media interviews. Even if Dasari targeted Sardaar, it won’t strain his bond with Pawan as Kalyan has immense respect for Dasari.

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