Coke & Beer Replace Milk For Film Stars

filimnagar- vijayRecently, a Bangalore court summoned Superstar Rajinikanth to appear for a hearing in a case against him for not requesting and controlling his fans against wasting milk, the essential daily commodity, in the name of ‘Palabhishekams’ (milk baths) to his cutouts and banners.

Looks like another leading Tamil star Vijay’s fans have learned a lesson from Rajinikanth’s case. Yesterday, Vijay’s Theri released amidst humongous fanfare. Usually, even Vijay’s cutouts get Palabhishekams, but this time, fans took a different route and chose coke and other cool drinks for Abhishekams instead of milk.

Certain over enthusiastic fans even went beyond cool drinks and tried to give Vijay’s cutouts ‘Beer Abhishekams’, but were stopped by the police at several theaters across Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. It is only a matter of time before other stars’ fans took a cue from Vijay’s fans and showed their social responsibility.

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