‘Bathuku Jatka Bandi’ Troubles Jeevitha

filimnagar-bhathuku-jatkabandiAs per latest reports, a case has been filed on Jeevitha Rajasekhar’s personal secretaries for threatening a person to attend the ‘Bathuku Jatka Bandi’ programme, which is being hosted by the actress for a popular TV channel.Going into details, an auto-driver Konda, a resident of Parsigutta in Secunderabad, married Jyothi of Eluru in 2005. They have a 9-year-old daughter Sampoorna. After Jyothi had lost her child because of TB during second pregnancy, Konda left her at her mother’s home as he couldn’t take care of his ill-wife. The couple had a formal separation in the presence of village elders after Konda paid Rs 1 lakh to his wife.

It is heard that Jyothi has recently approached the organizers of ‘Bathuku Jatka Bandi’ programme. And, carrying out the alleged instructions of Jeevtiha, her two personal secretaries have allegedly started calling Konda over phone and threatening him to attend the programme. Konda, on the other hand, has reportedly recorded their threatening calls and complained to the police by submitting the call records as proof.

After registering the case, police are currently carrying out an investigation into the matter.


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