Varun Tej succumbs to fan pressure




Mega Prince Varun Tej has called off all his previous commitments and going with Srinu Vaitla’s movie. Varun Tej wanted to be different from usual by staying away from commercial movies at least for a while. That is the reason why he chose to do off beat films like Mukunda and Kanche at the beginning of his career.
Varun Tej played a character that has negative shades in Loafer too. He thought of doing Rayabari with Krish and a different kind of thriller with Gopichand Malineni until he succumbed to the pressure from fans. As per sources few fans met Nagababu recently and expressed their displeasure over Varun Tej’s choices.

Fans believe that Varun Tej has the potential to become a big star but are not happy with the movies he has been doing. Mega heroes are mostly known for commercial movies and have a solid following among the masses. Despite having the looks and talent, Varun Tej is not making movies that cater to the mass audience, which is the biggest complaint of mega fans. Nagababu too felt this is the right time for Varun to attempt a commercial potboiler and that is why they chose Srinu Vaitla’s movie over others. This will eventually please mega fans but it might not impress the people who were happy with the variety that Varun Tej was offering.

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